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Our Story

A Mosaic of Life

At Memoir_ic, we believe life is a collection of moments, akin to a mosaic, not a linear path—each one a precious piece that, when joined together, reveals a grand masterpiece. Founded by Sohyun (Sophia) Hong, our mission is to celebrate the rich, textured fabric of everyday life.

With the acquisition of InstamosaicStudio, we’ve broadened our canvas globally, cherishing over six years of memories and more than 6,000 stories. Our roots are in the United States, but our spirit embraces the globe.

Founder of Memoir_ic

Sohyun (Sophia) Hong

Purple Today

Our Journey

From a background in law to the creative world of life mosaics, Sophia's path has been one of discovery, driven by the belief that everyone's life shines in its own time. Each mosaic we create is a tribute to this journey—a tapestry of 'firsts' and profound impressions.

Our Craft

We are here to capture your moments—the significant, the subtle, and everything in between. Our photo mosaics are not just artworks; they are the chapters of your story, woven together to form a narrative that is uniquely yours. We are truly honored to be a part of your precious moments and always thrilled to see how your life moments shine uniquely in every way. Each mosaic is like a distinct lens on the universe.

Responsible and Sustainable

Happy Customer

With over 6000+ happy customers worldwide, each Unique Memoiric is a testament to the joy we value so deeply.

Worldwide Shipping

Free worldwide shipping, locally produced and shipped. We're committed to nurturing our shared nest sustainably.

Made With Love

Every mosaic is made with heart, a true reflection of our dedication to your stories, brought to life with colors of care and respect.

Across Globe, Memoir_ic

Sophia Hong

Founder, Memoir_ic, PeopleShine Inc. USA

Seiko Hayakawa

Founder, Memoir_ic Japan

June Ki.

Founder, Memoir_ic Korea
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