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A Custom Pet Photo Portrait filled with your photos and those of your furry friend captures the essence of your unbreakable bond.

It’s a daily reminder of the joy and comfort they bring to your life – from silly selfies and beach day action shots to sweet snuggles, all woven together to show true trust and love.

Cherish the moments you’ve shared with your faithful companion, always ready to listen. This Custom Pet Photo Portrait is the perfect gift for family and friends or to celebrate the precious time spent with your furry family member.

It’s a thoughtful gift for pet memorials, as “Death ends a life, not a relationship.” Create yours now!

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THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!! AND SO FAST! I can’t wait to show my husband and friends. What a great gift!
- Diane
Even better than imagined
This is incredible. Even better than I imagined!
- Kristin
Thank you!!
That is incredible!APPROVED - with much gratitude!!
- Wendell
I can't express how ecstatic I am - this is going to be on our wall for the rest of our lives
- Angela
My wife and me travel a lot and she loves exploring new places and meeting new people. I was looking something that can show all the travel memories we made around the world as an anniversary gift.
10/10 would make it again once we gather more pictures.
- Timothy
Such a lovely gift for my mom. We siblings gathered hundreds of our family pictures. We even found some childhood pictures of our mother.
Highly recommended, go for it.
- Russel

Preserve unforgettable moments
with your furry friend!

  • What You Need: 1 main and 30+ background photos. On Instagram? Check Out & Simply follow us @memoir_ic, and we’ll do the rest.
  • You will Get: A Custom photo mosaic filled with your small photos, crafted with care by our expert designers. Beyond Wall Art, conversation starter, smile prompter, and silent storyteller. Ready to preview in 48 hrs. 
  • Revisions: Free and Unlimited until you love it.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee & Printing Upon Confirmation: Your satisfaction first.
  • Your File, Your Choice: A High-resolution JPG as the default. Want it printed or framed? Select those options and we will handle the rest.
  • Shipping is On Us: Enjoy Free worldwide shipping! Locally Produced and shipped for fast delivery and sustainability for our planet.
Dog Portrait Photo Mosaic
Retriever photo mosaic

Celebrate moments with Your Best Friend

Preserve Unforgettable Moments with your Custom Photo Mosaic

Celebrate the special times with your dog, your loyal friend who just wants to be by your side.

Remember the comfort of your furry pal leaning against you after a tough day, the excited look in their eyes as you hold their favorite ball, ready to play, and the peaceful walks together as the sun sets.

Each small photo in this mosaic captures a moment you’ve shared with your devoted companion through life’s ups and downs. From fun-filled park adventures to relaxing evenings at home, every image is a piece of your story together.

Now, all these treasured memories come together in one beautiful photo mosaic, showcasing the unbreakable bond between you and your dog.

Every glance at this artwork will take you back to those happy times, reminding you of the love, joy, and constant companionship that define your friendship.

Celebrate the wonderful moments your dog brings to your life with a photo mosaic that captures the heart of your relationship, one special memory at a time.

See What Our Furry-Lovers Created!

Gallery of Joy

Check Out The Clear Background Photos!

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Responsible and Sustainable

Happy Customer

With over 6000+ happy customers worldwide, each Unique Memoiric is a testament to the joy we value so deeply.

Worldwide Shipping

Free worldwide shipping, locally produced and shipped. We're committed to nurturing our shared nest sustainably.

Made With Love

Every mosaic is made with heart, a true reflection of our dedication to your stories, brought to life with care and respect.

Frequently Asked Questions

A custom photo mosaic is an artistic composition where many smaller photographs are arranged to form a single, larger image. Each small photo serves as a "pixel" in the overall picture, which reveals itself when viewed from a distance.
Imagine a unique work of art that tells your story through hundreds of your own cherished photographs. That's exactly what a custom photo mosaic is all about! It's a remarkable way to bring together countless special moments and memories into a single, breathtaking image.
The process involves carefully selecting and arranging your photos to create a larger, more meaningful picture. It's like putting together pieces of a puzzle, but instead of random shapes, you're using snapshots of your life's most precious moments.
What makes a custom photo mosaic so special is that it's one-of-a-kind – there's nothing else quite like it in the world. It's a true reflection of your experiences, your relationships, and the things that matter most to you.
Whether you're looking for a heartfelt gift for someone special or a stunning centerpiece for your own home, a custom photo mosaic is sure to impress. It's a conversation starter, a trip down memory lane, and a work of art all rolled into one.
So, if you want to showcase your love, celebrate your journey, or simply surround yourself with the people and places that bring you joy, a custom photo mosaic is the way to go. It's a timeless treasure that you'll cherish for years to come.

You can share your photos with us via WhatsApp, email, or Google Drive. If you prefer, you can also upload them directly through our website. Don't have your photos handy? No worries! If you have an Instagram account, simply share it with us, and we'll download your photos to create your stunning mosaic.

We're here to make the process easy and enjoyable, so choose the upload method that works best for you, and let us handle the rest!

Creating your personalized mosaic is straightforward with our variety of photo-sharing options. Below are the ways you can send us your photos:

1. Main Photo

For the main photo, which should be high-resolution to ensure the best quality of your mosaic, please upload it directly on our website. The upload option is available before checkout.

2. Background Photos

A minimum of 30 photos is required for the background. Choose any of the following methods to share these photos with us:

  1. WhatsApp: After checkout, send your background photos to +571 382 8738 along with your order number. This line is dedicated exclusively to photo sharing, so feel free to send your photos anytime. We will confirm the receipt of your photos during our working hours.
  2. Email: Attach your photos in an email and send them to info@memoiric.com. Please include your order number for reference.
  3. Google Drive/iCloud:
    1. Upload your photos to Google Drive or iCloud.
    2. Share access with info@memoiric.com by authorizing us to view and download your photos.
  4. Direct Upload on Our Website: After checkout, you'll be prompted to upload your background photos directly on our site.
  5. Instagram:
    • Public Account: Just let us know your account name, and we'll handle the downloading of your photos.
    • Private Account: Follow us @memoir_ic to grant us access to your photos.
To create your custom photo mosaic, you'll need to provide a minimum of 30 photos for any size.
One main photo will be formed using the other images you've uploaded, and background photos.
You can upload up to 100 photos for any size without incurring additional charges. Any number of photos you upload can be repeated to make the mosaic.
Crystal Clear: Choose a high-resolution photo for a stunning mosaic. 🔍
Angles & Lighting:
  • Portraits & Full-body: Natural poses with some space above are best. 🧑‍🤝‍🧑📏
  • Landscapes: A balanced sky-to-land ratio makes for visual harmony. 🏞️
  • Light: Opt for natural, indirect light for a flattering effect. ☀️🌤
Eyes & Emotion:
  • Group Shots: A photo where everyone has their eyes open is priceless. 💎 Missing one? Upload multiple main photos and let us know - we will do the magic of eyes wide open for all!
  • Story & Significance: Pick a photo that tells your unique story. Let us know of any meaningful objects in it; we'll make sure they shine. Your memories matter to us. 💖🔍
Color & Contrast:
  • Choose vibrant for energy or soft tones for serenity. A balanced contrast adds depth. 🌈
  • If you have a photo that has special meaning to you, just forget about all the guidance. A photo telling something is the best!

Choose any photos you like! They don’t need to be high resolution. However, please be aware that photos with a wide horizontal layout may be cropped, which might be problematic if they contain important details on the edges.

We are always amazed by our customers' boundless creativity. Here are some inspiring examples:

Musical Journey:

A customer compiled photos of himself playing the guitar over the years, set against a main backdrop of a guitar, to showcase his evolution as a musician.

Orchestral Tribute:

An orchestra member gathered concert and behind-the-scenes practice photos to create a mosaic of the conductor, a heartfelt gift that celebrates their shared musical journey.

Fan Memories:

A dedicated fan collected photos from concerts attended, tickets, and even the first album purchased to create a mosaic of her favorite star, encapsulating the essence of her fandom.

Nature and Wildlife Enthusiast:

Mixing family photos with images of sea creatures and animals, an animal lover reflected their passion for the natural world.

Travel Chronicles:

A travel enthusiast assembled all their travel photos to craft a mosaic capturing their adventures, preserving cherished memories.

Wedding Anniversary Tribute:

In celebration of 60 years of love, a son compiled his parents’ photos, from their wedding day to the present, to mark their 60th anniversary.

These examples illustrate the vast array of personal stories that can be told through your mosaic. Unleash your creativity and create a one-of-a-kind art piece that’s truly your own.

Absolutely. We prioritize your privacy and the security of your personal photos above all else. We strictly adhere to the highest standards of data protection, fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Once your custom photo mosaic order is complete, we guarantee that all photos are promptly deleted from our systems. Your trust is vital to us, and we're committed to safeguarding your cherished memories every step of the way.

After you place your order and send your photos, we need around 24-48 hours to make your preview. We will send your preview to your email once ready.

We offer worldwide shipping. Committed to fast delivery and environmental sustainability, we've partnered with local printing partners globally. Your print is produced and shipped from the nearest location, effectively reducing shipping times and emissions from long-distance transportation.

Estimated Shipping Times:
United States, Canada6-9 Days
UK6-9 Days
Australia6-9 Days
Rest of World10-15 Days

These shipping times are based on general estimates from our extensive shipping experience. Actual delivery times may differ. Once your photo mosaic is confirmed, we immediately move forward with the printing and shipping process, keeping you updated with the actual shipping information as it becomes available.

Upon the confirmation of your preview, the estimated shipping times:

United States, Canada6-9 Days
UK6-9 Days
Australia6-9 Days
Rest of World10-15 Days

These shipping times are based on general estimates from our extensive shipping experience. Actual delivery times may differ. Once your photo mosaic is confirmed, we immediately move forward with the printing and shipping process, keeping you updated with the actual shipping information as it becomes available.

Absolutely! For our customers in the US, we provide an express delivery service option for those times when your anniversary is just around the corner and you need your photo mosaic quickly.

With an additional charge of $30, you will receive a preview of your photo mosaic within 24 hours. Furthermore, for express delivery, which ensures your mosaic is printed and shipped to arrive within a maximum of 3 days, we will update you with the specific fees. The express delivery fee varies depending on your location but is typically between $50 and $60.

Please contact us at +1 571 382 8738 or info@memoiric.com to arrange for express delivery, and we will ensure your photo mosaic arrives in time for your special occasion.

1. Select Your Format and Size

Begin by choosing your preferred format and size from the options available. Once you've made your selection, click the "Upload Your Photo" button to initiate the process.

2. Upload Your Main Photo

After clicking the "Upload Your Photo" button, you will be redirected to a page where you can upload the main photo for your project. Complete the upload and then proceed to the checkout stage.

3. Checkout, and Share Your Background Photos

Once you have checked out, you will receive an order number. This number is key to sharing your background photos with us. You have multiple sharing options at your disposal, including WhatsApp, email attachment, Instagram follow-and-letting us to the rest, or direct upload.

4. We Do the Magic

Now it's our turn. Our professional designers look over the photos to find the best techniques that ensure the perfect photo mosaic is created. Taking into account lighting, depth, the overall feel, and the presence of meaningful objects, we select the most suitable technique or a combination that best fits your specific photos. This personalized process guarantees a unique and high-quality result that truly captures your vision.

5. Preview Your Mosaic

Within 48 hours of your submission, we will send you a preview of your photo mosaic via email. This allows you to review our work and provide any feedback before we proceed with the final printing.

6. Printing and Shipping

After you have approved the preview, we move forward with printing your order. Following printing, your order will be shipped. We ensure to keep you updated with all the delivery information from the moment your order is dispatched until it arrives at your doorstep.

Create your photo mosaic risk-free with our 30-day money-back guarantee. If you need to cancel your order or request a refund, simply contact us via email, message, or WhatsApp. We will promptly initiate the refund process, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

No, an account is not required to place an order. However, we will need your email address to share the digital photo mosaic file with you and send you the preview.

Additional information

51 reviews for Custom Photo Mosaic | Fur-ever Love Pet Portrait

  1. Bhav G

    Eyebrows were up and they were so amazed by the creativity, finishing and quality work and really appreciated the work and efforts. 10/10 review 🙂

  2. Jenn Z

    You’ve done a fabulous job, I sincerely appreciate your job and your service. Thanks SO SO MUCH!!!

  3. Sun S

    Thank you so much!!! The teachers just loved it! They were very surprised and were asking how I made them. Thank you for all your efforts for making it happen.

  4. Kaleena

    Turned out beautiful and made a perfect sentimental gift. Quality is high and turnaround is quick!

  5. Nancy Djemant

    Absolutely the Best gift ever! I purchased a Mosaic and it came out Beautiful. I couldn’t wait to give it to my niece and her fiance. When she received it they were so Excited and couldn’t thank me enough!

  6. S. Franklin

    I’ve ordered twice with the company and the work is always phenomenal. Thank you for allowing me to make memories for my family.

  7. Stephanie

    Great quality and attention to detail. The staff has your satisfaction in mind every step of the process. Was very satisfied with the product!

  8. Susan T

    Excellent customer service, and the product turned out beautifully! A great idea for a unique, personalized gift.

  9. Andrew Doenias

    Amazing work, highly recommend, will definitely use again

  10. Tami

    Fantastic, better than I could have ever imagined!

  11. Pooja

    Honestly speechless with the end result!!

  12. Divya

    The product was amazing, and my friends loved it. He delivered the product before the expected date on special request.

  13. Safa

    Absolutely amazing and great work!

  14. Marie

    Thank you! The file arrived as promised 2 days after ordering. The end result is perfect- great quality and makes for a unique gift! Couldn’t be happier!

  15. Tim

    Easy to set up and fast response and shipping, and it looks great!

  16. Sign

    Got for my wife’s birthday and she was delighted!!

  17. Nick Ciaglia

    End product was amazing and ended up being the perfect gift. Would certainly recommend!

  18. Daisy

    I absolutely love the mosaic picture they made for me. And the customer service was amazing. They went above and beyond to help me get it done in time for a gift. I will definitely use again.

  19. S

    Very very nice!

  20. Ra

    I am so pleased with the picture. It’s a perfect way to pay tribute to my dear friend. The website was easy to use, and the picture arrived quickly.

  21. Gina

    My son loves his mosaic; very positive buying experience

  22. Bailey

    Super cute! I absolutely loved it! Came faster than expected too!

  23. David

    Wonderful and prompt service. I’m very happy with the result and would recommend the service to others and will return for more work.

  24. Lia

    They were really helpful and responsive in creating the item. It arrived in a timely manner as well!

  25. Tamie

    Such a unique gift we made it as an auction piece for our sons scoop fundraiser.

  26. Samantha J.

    Incredible! Made a photo mosaic for my mother with our photos together. We love it

  27. missaubree

    Will do business with again !!

  28. kristydi123

    Was so excited how this turned out. Absolutely love it

  29. Laura

    Beautiful work. Excellent communication. Goes above and beyond and very polite. Thank you so much

  30. Zahra

    Beautiful! Shipped in a timely manner, owner was able to assist with all questions. It came out just gorgeous, would buy from here again!

  31. Anthony

    Absolutely awesome, very attentive

  32. Ashlynn

    Such a great idea! My boyfriend is going to love it!

  33. Gale

    Perfect item it looks great

  34. jpsmile01

    Owner was fantastic! So accommodating and helpful! Product was exactly what I was hoping for and more!

  35. Krissyn

    I was blown away by the quality of the work. This was the best gift I’ve ever given my mother. She was so grateful and impressed.

  36. Unnikrishnan

    Awesome.. really liked it and good to work with seller. Will recommend to friends.

  37. Brant

    Turned out great! Very responsive and easy to work with!

  38. Kenzie

    This is only digital but I took the digital copy and got it put on a canvas to hang on the wall! It was such a pretty picture and looked amazing! Very very happy.

  39. Javonn

    Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful Service! Fast processing and amazing finished digital file. I printed at a local Walmart as a same day canvas. Hopefully the birthday girl will love the final product. I already have plans to purchase another digital file soon!

  40. M

    Love it!!! Reordered 5 more times!!!!

  41. William

    The picture came out well and the process was easy to work with.

  42. M

    Great work, and so customer service Friendly!

  43. Hussain

    I absolutely love the finished product and the service was amazing. The seller took the time to make me multiple options even though I only sent him one main picture which I really appreciated. Will definitely buy again !!

  44. Fatima

    Amazing to work with, frame came out exactly how I wanted it.

  45. donnatip24

    It turned out amazing!

  46. M

    It came out excellent, was very happy with his work.

  47. Aubrey

    We are so happy with how it turned out! Very clear and vibrant colors. You can see each photo clearly. The whole process was fast and easy. They communicate with you through each step. They gave us 4 beautiful options to choose from. From the purchase date to the arrival date was about a week. Very well packaged and protected. Would definitely recommend! Thank you!

  48. Zoe

    It looks amazing and my boss loves it a lot. It is a perfect idea for farewell gift as lots of photos and lots of memories.

  49. James

    We love our family mosaic

  50. Brittany

    I loved this! I bought it as a gift for my mother for her 40th birthday. let me tell you, it came so fast!!! Less than a week. Perfect present – it moved her to tears.

  51. justinfritz3

    They did an amazing job of staying in contact throughout the entire process and even gave me 4 different options to choose from for the finished product! It showed up earlier than it was supposed to and I couldn’t be happier with the work! 10/10 would recommend to anyone, such an original concept and I know my girlfriend is going to love it.

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